The Calling: Follow your spirit- all the way in

The Calling: Follow your spirit- all the way in

Published By Homaya

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It wouldn’t matter how much reality will twist and turn, keep folding itself in front of your eyes, becoming more and more complex, artificial, seducing you into sleep there will always be the everlasting presence of the I AM with in you.

The ONE that you are.


Your Self.

And that Self holds so much power, greatness, and luminosity.

It calls you, in your depth. And you… long for it. Crave for it. You die for it, and live for it.

This is how you want to live, with that light awakened within you, in your highest potential, free and vital, yet there are times, situations and circumstances that make you doubt yourself if that light indeed is true.

This is why this podcast exists.

I want us to vibrate in this frequency of deep unshakable knowing that you are life itself, that you are irreplaceable, unrepeatable with a unique soul blueprint, and move you into such an effortless fulfillment, beautiful self-realization, alignment with your highest light, connection, vivid creativity, abundance, joy and bliss.

Regardless of where you are in your self-development journey-

I want us to clear the judgment and doubts you still about yourself, your power and the creation you came here to lead.
To illuminate your transformation on your spiritual journey and smooth the bumpy road of personal growth, by inspiring and guidning you to listen to the deep whispers of your soul, respond and follow. 

To activate and inspire you when you are moving from breakdown to breakthrough

For you rise to the next level of embodiment of the gift you are.

We will touch energy work, business, relationship, self development, self healing, empowerment, soul contract, life purpose, deep love,  and embodiment work, and ascension

But from a very specific lens- the one of your spirit, the god with in you, your soul and your higher self.

This podcast, just like you is here for this super love, this passion, this devotion, it is for the parts in life that does not make sense - yet they bring you to life.

I could call this podcast- life enhanced,

but for now we call it- THE CALLING.

My deepest wish is that this podcast will become a virtual bar where we come to drink ourselves into life.

I wish that the conversations here will make you love yourself like no other, deep, in the most intimate way,

I wish for this space to turn you all the way ON and even more, turn you all

The way IN.