Andy Lehman from Podcast answers interviews Sam Sethi about how he got into podcasting.

Andy and Sam discuss Podfans 5 core business pillars. Discovery, Interactivity, Social, Gamification and Monetisation.

Sam Sethi

Sam Sethi

1 min read • 19th Apr 2023

In this episode, Andy talks with Sam the creator of Podfans. Sam tells us how he got into podcasting and what his new website Podfans is all about.

Andy has been involved in podcasting since 2007, creating several shows for himself and assisting others in starting and growing their own podcasts.

Podcast Answers is a comprehensive podcast that discusses various topics related to podcasting. It offers both an audio podcast and a YouTube Channel, catering to different learning styles. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and Andy will address them in an upcoming episode of the podcast.

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Andy Lehman

Andy Lehman

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