I❤️Domains TECH Talk

I❤️Domains TECH Talk

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TECH Talk is a weekly discussion focused on web3 domain/digital identity education, developer interviews, industry news and more. Our weekly episodes feature builders such as Unstoppable Domains, Freename, ENS, Decentraweb, Handshake and more. 

Our TECH Talk episodes are initially recorded LIVE on Twitter/X spaces on our page https://twitter.com/iheartdomains. View our LIVE content calendar 🗓️ https://link3.to/defiwallet 

About I❤️Domains: 

We are your go-to source for web3 domain content, news, and ALPHA. Since our establishment in mid-2022, we've become a hub for education with our TECH Talk spaces and podcasts, delivering insights and AMAs from leading figures in the blockchain naming space. We foster marketing and consulting collaborations with emerging digital identity brands, bridging the gap across developers, platforms, investors, and end users through exclusive online communities.

As a proprietor/registrar of web3 alt root TLDs, namely .xchain and .defiwallet, and with substantial holdings in major web3 domain namespaces, we take pride in our role in shaping the digital landscape. Our vibrant community is active on X (formerly Twitter), Telegram, Link3, and YouTube. 

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