Never Been Promoted | Unleash Your Entrepreneur

Never Been Promoted | Unleash Your Entrepreneur

Published By Thomas Helfrich


My mission is to help 1 million entrepreneurs get better at entrepreneurship by cutting the tie to all that holds you back so you can unleash your entrepreneur. 

"Never Been Promoted" stands as a beacon for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, offering a unique platform where the journey of entrepreneurship is demystified and celebrated. At the heart of this podcast is its emblematic logo: a cut blue tie. This distinctive symbol serves as a powerful metaphor, representing the essence of breaking free from the constraints that bind potential and creativity, urging listeners to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit.

Hosted by Thomas Helfrich, this podcast is committed to a singular, ambitious mission: to assist millions of entrepreneurs in launching their ventures, overcoming obstacles, and enhancing their entrepreneurial skills. "Never Been Promoted" is a sanctuary where listeners are encouraged to shed their excuses, transcend their limitations, and embrace a mindset of limitless possibilities.

Each episode of "Never Been Promoted" is crafted to provide value through a micro-mentoring approach, where learnings from various entrepreneurs are distilled into concise, impactful lessons. These insights offer listeners a spectrum of perspectives, equipping them with the knowledge and motivation to advance on their entrepreneurial paths. Whether it's tackling the initial challenges of starting a business, finding ways to get unstuck, or refining their approach to business, listeners find invaluable guidance through the shared experiences and advice of others who have navigated similar journeys.

For those contemplating a significant shift from a corporate career to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, "Never Been Promoted" serves as an essential guide. It offers a roadmap for developing entrepreneurial skills, understanding the nuances of entrepreneurship, and cultivating the mindset necessary for success in this new venture. The podcast not only inspires but also provides practical strategies for listeners to apply in their quest for entrepreneurial achievement.

In essence, "Never Been Promoted" is more than just a podcast; it's a movement towards empowerment, a call to action for individuals ready to cut the ties that hold them back and step confidently into the realm of entrepreneurship. With Thomas Helfrich at the helm, the podcast is an engaging and enlightening journey, offering listeners the tools, insights, and inspiration to transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Thomas Helfrich

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