Stroke It Guide Podcast

Stroke It Guide Podcast

Published By Jenny Alday Townsend


"Stroke It! Your Guide to Enhance every relationship, Especially You"

The podcast offers personal and professional growth advice from CEO's, CHO's and others rockin 'at life. It is for those wanting more peace, clarity, direction, passion, purpose, and happiness.

If this is you, let this podcast be your guide. This podcast will teach you how to care for yourself first then others. It will boost your confidence, self esteem and worth. You will become happy and fulfilled. So much so that you will have the power to give to others honestly and effectively. 

Each episode offers positive self chatter featuring methods, tools, and coaching from Jenny herself towards creating positive mental health benefits first for yourself and then for the others around you as you lead from within your empire. Whether you use the STROKE IT guide on your spouse, your family members, your friends, or your executive, and management teams, applying what learned in these episodes will enrich how you DO LIFE with all those around you.

About the host:

Jenny Alday Townsend is a successful entrepreneur who has made it her mission to help others navigate the challenges of marriage, business ownership, and balancing both. After facing her own struggles in marriage and successfully overcoming them, she has developed a deep understanding of the complexities of relationships and the importance of effective communication. Jenny has since created The Stroke It Guide, which provides practical tools and strategies for individuals looking to improve their relationships. With a compassionate and empathetic approach, Jenny empowers her network to take control of their lives and relationships, and create a fulfilling and happy future for themselves.

Jenny Townsend

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