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Welcome to the Lieb Cast Podcast—where we break down complex laws, scrutinize politics, and shatter biases with a dash of snark. Education, not indoctrination, is our game. Attorney Andrew Lieb, our seasoned host, embarks on a compelling journey to illuminate the often opaque aspects of these topics.

Committed to maintaining neutrality amidst political polarization, the Lieb Cast team ensures a dialogue rooted in fact over bias. Our crew examines new laws, probes the effect of political environments on the economy, and provides unfiltered views on topical issues, all while sustaining a stimulating, balanced, and entertaining discourse.

As an experienced litigator, legal analyst, and political commentator, Andrew Lieb is a recognized presence on numerous TV and radio networks. Known for his ability to translate complex legal changes into layman's terms, Andrew serves as a reliable resource across the nation.

In addition to his legal expertise, Andrew brings to the table diverse perspectives drawn from his roles as a corporate trainer, author, real estate school proprietor, and entrepreneur.

Yet, The Lieb Cast is not a one-man show. Andrew is accompanied on air by his wife and business associate, Lauren, alongside his colleagues — Employment Attorney Mordy Yankovich, known as "The Chazakah", Attorney Cheryl Berger, and Law Clerk Alex Licitra. Their collective input enhances the podcast's dynamic blend of education, wit, and animated discussion, creating a unique signature for The Lieb Cast.

The Lieb Cast goes beyond being a podcast; it's a dialogue, a mentorship, and a voyage of learning, all in one package. It's your passport to unraveling the intricacies of laws, politics, and economics, devoid of biases and brimming with insights. Don't hesitate. Search for "Lieb Cast" on any podcast platform, subscribe, and join us on this enlightening journey towards knowledge and truth. Let's get informed, not influenced.

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